The First Location-Aware Business Number [Beta]

The Newber application adds a second business line to your iPhone that enables you to redirect incoming calls to any phone using built-in GPS technology. Simply key in a landline phone number at your location, then toggle between taking your business calls on that phone or your iPhone. Newber will automatically detect this phone each time you return to that location, allowing you to change phones with one touch. You can even swap phones in the middle of a live call without interrupting the conversation.

Newber helps you...

  •   Take calls where your iPhone has bad reception.
  •   Take calls when your iPhone battery is low.
  •   Take calls without using your iPhone minutes.
  •   Take full advantage of landline features.

Free Upgrade with Contact Finder! [Available Soon]

The Contact Finder feature brings the ease of Newber to outbound dialing. When you choose a contact from your iPhone it automatically dials their phone numbers in the order of your choice. One touch skips voicemail and tries the next number.

Awaiting App Store Approval:
495   :   16   :   05   :   24
 Days        Hr        Min       Sec
The Newber application was pulled from the app store on 2-2-10